Let’s Clear the Air

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Let’s Get This Bug Out NOW

Last night, I read an article regarding a woman who saw a drone hovering outside her apartment complex. She proceeded to call the local law enforcement and notify the apartment staff because she felt that the drone was peeping through her window.  (here is a link to the article)

This usage of drones is unacceptable. Plain and simple, my company does not stand for the use of this technology as surveillance equipment whatsoever. I personally apologize to the woman who felt that her privacy was violated, and I want those of you who read this to know that my company was definitely not involved, and we will never use our equipment for those purposes.

Take into consideration, the possibility that the drone mentioned above was not intending to be intrusive, and that maybe the drone was just maneuvering through the air and the woman allowed her current perception of drones to scare her.

However, if you are a fellow drone enthusiast and/or owner, please do not use your equipment for these purposes, as this kind of attention only gives this awesome technology a bad name. The FAA is currently creating their regulations for drone usage, and these types of incidences are only going to make their confinements even more strict. While there are no regulations out right now, that doesn’t mean that you can use your equipment however you want, there should still be common courtesy rules that apply to any other sort of camera equipment as well. Privacy laws exist for a reason.

While I am writing, I want to address the baggage that the word “drone” carries along with it, and what my company will try to do about it. The word “drone” has a very negative connotation. It has gained the negative stigma because of media coverage of the technology as it has been used primarily for military use for warfare and spying on our enemies. While those features are great for our military, that is not how civilians should be using the equipment at all, as I have already mentioned above. “Drone” is a word that should stay with the military usage, and what I hope to do is coin a new phrase for the technology that is being used for entertainment and video/photo purposes. My company views our “drones” as just another piece of video equipment that can get amazing shots from different perspectives that have previously never been available in the media world. We want to bring this perspective to the world in the best light possible, producing products that enhance our audience’s view of whatever subject matter we chose to feature. Therefore, the word “drone” and it’s inherited definition doesn’t fit with our intended use of the technology. From now on, we are going to name our drone “Aerial Video Equipment” or “AVE”, and address it as if it were a proper noun.

Our company is about a month old now, and we have just received confirmation that the building of our Aerial Video Equipment is complete, and that as of today, AVE is on it’s way up from the builders in California (Aerial Media Pros). The shipment will hopefully arrive by the end of this week, if not the beginning of next, and we will be working hard to bring all of you the new perspective that I have described.

We want to enrich the media world and produce quality work that enhances our audiences perception of or subjects. Whether those subjects are pieces of real estate, concerts and music festivals, parades and fairs, cars, sports, or anything else, our goal is to make it feel like you are seeing each thing for the first time.

As always, thank you for your support and an extra special thanks to those of you who may go on to repost or share this blog post.

I hope that my company can retire the negative perception that “drones” may have in the public eye, and create a new meaning for the technology.

AVE. Not Drone.

-Perspective Media LLC


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