Design in Entrepreneurship

In every company there is a team that is devoted to branding and keeping a consistent aesthetic that reflects the company to a certain degree of accuracy based on the level of design.

As an undergrad, I studied graphic design and web development. I worked 2 years as a graphic designer at a marketing department for my university and was able to gain a wealth of knowledge on how the branding aesthetics aspect of running a company works. Heading out of college, I knew that graphic design was always something that could be used no matter where I ended up. As I searched for a desk job, I slowly started realizing that maybe that path wasn’t the route I wanted to take. Starting out as an entry level designer for a small boutique ad agency in the Seattle area was what once sounded so appealing, but there was a drive inside of me that I knew couldn’t be satisfied with playing it safe.

It was at that point where I began doing research on some of my interests to see what sort of company I could develop that had an actual chance at making some good money. When the search concluded, I had my golden idea and a goal for the amount of savings I would need by the time I left college upon graduation. With those two things in mind and the research completed, I set out and did my best to cut costs here and there, resorting to cleaning out my freezer as opposed to buying new food every day, and cutting back on the weekend expenses.

As soon as I moved back home after graduation, I broke into action, making all the purchases I had done the research for in the past month or so. With all my expenses covered by personal savings as opposed to fundraising through VC’s, it was difficult to watch my expenses pile up and my bank account rapidly decline. However, having zero debt to pay off was a plus and, there were a lot of moving pieces that made me confident that I was making a good choice.

Being able to develop my own company logo, marketing collateral, create all social media accounts, and code my own website made things look official right off the bat. My education and prior experience was at use immediately, and I was doing things for my own company that an entry level design job would not have allowed me to do for other clients. The company was ready to take off before I even received the products that I had bought to build the company even arrived.

My company, Perspective Media LLC is a digital media company that specializes in aerial videography and photography. This aerial perspective is attainable with new technology in drones. And as you may have known from my previous blog entries, our goal is to break the current negative connotation of the word “drone”. Introducing aerial video equipment to mainstream media production is going to revolutionize the media industry and my hope is to be on the ground floor of the movement.

My big purchases were the drone and the camera, which totaled up to be in the five-figure range, thankfully on the lower end of that spectrum. With the help of one of my best friends (now business partner) we were able to get our projection charts created, which mapped out when the company could start seeing green on our ledgers.

Now here I am, awaiting the arrival of the final piece of equipment that will allow my company to be fully operational. Our drone. With hopes of bringing a new perspective to the media industry and to our audience, I can give myself an on-demand adrenaline rush just by thinking about what is to come in the very near future, and the anticipation of the drone’s arrival is getting stronger with every moment.

Overall, I am really happy with where the company’s at right now. We just received our business cards, our website is up and running, although lacking our portfolio pieces. Our social media accounts are buzzing, and we have had great feedback from family, friends, peers, and other startups in the area. Our network is growing and everything is looking good for when we get the drone in.

I can’t wait to get rolling on the projects that we have lined up. With amazing people surrounding me I couldn’t ask for a better support system. Stay tuned for more daily posts like this, as I feel like it’s beneficial for my company to start posting more frequently.

Thanks for those of you who have read this all the way through, and I hope you are just excited as I am to see the progress we will be making.


business cards

David Heyduck

President & CEO
Perspective Media LLC


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