The FAA’s misguided approach to drones, and how to fix it

A great read about another perspective on drone usage!


Consumer drones offer game-changing technology for a range of activities: everything from farming to photography to search-and-rescue can be done better with the help of camera-equipped, lightweight flying devices.

The U.S. government, however, is no fan of unmanned flight. In recent months, the Federal Aviation Administration has been using old regulations to crack down on a new breed of flying devices, even grounding them in situations where they could prove most useful.

This is the wrong approach. Instead of trying to impose the rules of planes and pilots onto this new world of unmanned aircraft, the government should try to strike a balance between safety and innovation. One way to do it would be to create a simple permit system like the one we use for cars.

The FAA downs the drones

To get an idea of the FAA’s current view on drones, consider the case of Texas EquuSearch, a nonprofit that runs search-and-rescue missions that have located hundreds of missing people (or, in some cases, their bodies). As part of its work, the organization…

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