Let’s Clear the Air

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Let’s Get This Bug Out NOW

Last night, I read an article regarding a woman who saw a drone hovering outside her apartment complex. She proceeded to call the local law enforcement and notify the apartment staff because she felt that the drone was peeping through her window.  (here is a link to the article)

This usage of drones is unacceptable. Plain and simple, my company does not stand for the use of this technology as surveillance equipment whatsoever. I personally apologize to the woman who felt that her privacy was violated, and I want those of you who read this to know that my company was definitely not involved, and we will never use our equipment for those purposes.

Take into consideration, the possibility that the drone mentioned above was not intending to be intrusive, and that maybe the drone was just maneuvering through the air and the woman allowed her current perception of drones to scare her.

However, if you are a fellow drone enthusiast and/or owner, please do not use your equipment for these purposes, as this kind of attention only gives this awesome technology a bad name. The FAA is currently creating their regulations for drone usage, and these types of incidences are only going to make their confinements even more strict. While there are no regulations out right now, that doesn’t mean that you can use your equipment however you want, there should still be common courtesy rules that apply to any other sort of camera equipment as well. Privacy laws exist for a reason.

While I am writing, I want to address the baggage that the word “drone” carries along with it, and what my company will try to do about it. The word “drone” has a very negative connotation. It has gained the negative stigma because of media coverage of the technology as it has been used primarily for military use for warfare and spying on our enemies. While those features are great for our military, that is not how civilians should be using the equipment at all, as I have already mentioned above. “Drone” is a word that should stay with the military usage, and what I hope to do is coin a new phrase for the technology that is being used for entertainment and video/photo purposes. My company views our “drones” as just another piece of video equipment that can get amazing shots from different perspectives that have previously never been available in the media world. We want to bring this perspective to the world in the best light possible, producing products that enhance our audience’s view of whatever subject matter we chose to feature. Therefore, the word “drone” and it’s inherited definition doesn’t fit with our intended use of the technology. From now on, we are going to name our drone “Aerial Video Equipment” or “AVE”, and address it as if it were a proper noun.

Our company is about a month old now, and we have just received confirmation that the building of our Aerial Video Equipment is complete, and that as of today, AVE is on it’s way up from the builders in California (Aerial Media Pros). The shipment will hopefully arrive by the end of this week, if not the beginning of next, and we will be working hard to bring all of you the new perspective that I have described.

We want to enrich the media world and produce quality work that enhances our audiences perception of or subjects. Whether those subjects are pieces of real estate, concerts and music festivals, parades and fairs, cars, sports, or anything else, our goal is to make it feel like you are seeing each thing for the first time.

As always, thank you for your support and an extra special thanks to those of you who may go on to repost or share this blog post.

I hope that my company can retire the negative perception that “drones” may have in the public eye, and create a new meaning for the technology.

AVE. Not Drone.

-Perspective Media LLC


Design in Entrepreneurship

In every company there is a team that is devoted to branding and keeping a consistent aesthetic that reflects the company to a certain degree of accuracy based on the level of design.

As an undergrad, I studied graphic design and web development. I worked 2 years as a graphic designer at a marketing department for my university and was able to gain a wealth of knowledge on how the branding aesthetics aspect of running a company works. Heading out of college, I knew that graphic design was always something that could be used no matter where I ended up. As I searched for a desk job, I slowly started realizing that maybe that path wasn’t the route I wanted to take. Starting out as an entry level designer for a small boutique ad agency in the Seattle area was what once sounded so appealing, but there was a drive inside of me that I knew couldn’t be satisfied with playing it safe.

It was at that point where I began doing research on some of my interests to see what sort of company I could develop that had an actual chance at making some good money. When the search concluded, I had my golden idea and a goal for the amount of savings I would need by the time I left college upon graduation. With those two things in mind and the research completed, I set out and did my best to cut costs here and there, resorting to cleaning out my freezer as opposed to buying new food every day, and cutting back on the weekend expenses.

As soon as I moved back home after graduation, I broke into action, making all the purchases I had done the research for in the past month or so. With all my expenses covered by personal savings as opposed to fundraising through VC’s, it was difficult to watch my expenses pile up and my bank account rapidly decline. However, having zero debt to pay off was a plus and, there were a lot of moving pieces that made me confident that I was making a good choice.

Being able to develop my own company logo, marketing collateral, create all social media accounts, and code my own website made things look official right off the bat. My education and prior experience was at use immediately, and I was doing things for my own company that an entry level design job would not have allowed me to do for other clients. The company was ready to take off before I even received the products that I had bought to build the company even arrived.

My company, Perspective Media LLC is a digital media company that specializes in aerial videography and photography. This aerial perspective is attainable with new technology in drones. And as you may have known from my previous blog entries, our goal is to break the current negative connotation of the word “drone”. Introducing aerial video equipment to mainstream media production is going to revolutionize the media industry and my hope is to be on the ground floor of the movement.

My big purchases were the drone and the camera, which totaled up to be in the five-figure range, thankfully on the lower end of that spectrum. With the help of one of my best friends (now business partner) we were able to get our projection charts created, which mapped out when the company could start seeing green on our ledgers.

Now here I am, awaiting the arrival of the final piece of equipment that will allow my company to be fully operational. Our drone. With hopes of bringing a new perspective to the media industry and to our audience, I can give myself an on-demand adrenaline rush just by thinking about what is to come in the very near future, and the anticipation of the drone’s arrival is getting stronger with every moment.

Overall, I am really happy with where the company’s at right now. We just received our business cards, our website is up and running, although lacking our portfolio pieces. Our social media accounts are buzzing, and we have had great feedback from family, friends, peers, and other startups in the area. Our network is growing and everything is looking good for when we get the drone in.

I can’t wait to get rolling on the projects that we have lined up. With amazing people surrounding me I couldn’t ask for a better support system. Stay tuned for more daily posts like this, as I feel like it’s beneficial for my company to start posting more frequently.

Thanks for those of you who have read this all the way through, and I hope you are just excited as I am to see the progress we will be making.


business cards

David Heyduck

President & CEO
Perspective Media LLC




(CNN) — It’s almost entirely illegal to use drones for money-making purposes in the United States. But a little Hollywood magic could change that.

The U.S. government is considering a request from movie and TV producers to let them use unmanned aircraft to shoot aerial video.

Currently, there’s only one exemption to the Federal Aviation Administration’s nationwide ban on commercial drones, called unmanned aircraft systems or UAS. That’s a spot off Alaska’s coast where drones are used by an oil company.

But a second exemption could make it easier and less expensive to create memorable movie moments like the opening sequences from Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” and Academy Award winner “American Beauty.”

“Unmanned aircraft systems offer the motion picture and television industry an innovative and safer option for filming,” Neil Fried, senior vice president for the Motion Picture Association of America, said in a written statement. “This new tool for…

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Drone Use May Be Approved By FAA For Film, TV Purposes

A good starting point for the FAA in terms of creating drone regulations is addressed in this article. If they allow Hollywood to make movies with them, hopefully commercial shoots will be considered as well!

CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Drones may be flying through the skies with FAA approval for film and television purposes.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Monday that seven video and photo production companies asked for exemptions allowing them to use unmanned aircraft systems, more commonly known as drones with approval from the agency.

The requests were facilitated by the Motion Picture Association of America, on behalf of the aerial cinematography professionals.

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To receive the exemptions, the firms must prove that the drones will be used safely, and that the exemptions would be in the public interest.

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San Francisco Startup To Begin Delivering Drugs Via Drone

Here is a unique use of the new drone technology.

CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A San Francisco start-up is developing a drone delivery service that promises to drug store items hovering outside of addresses in the Mission District in under 15 minutes.

QuiQui hopes to start deliveries in July, taking advantage of a recent court decision that struck down Federal Aviation Administration guidelines barring drones for commercial use.

“We’re working on a collision detection and avoidance systems and being able to handle all of the logistics of working in the real world,” said Joshua Ziering, founder of the 2-month-old company.

[cbs-audio-player title=”SF Start-Up To Deliver Drugs Via Drone” artist=”KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports” download=false image=”http://cbssanfran.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/mineta-san-jose-intl-airport.jpg?w=420&h=315&crop=1″ url=”http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/nyc.podcast.play.it/media/d0/d0/d1/d5/dG/dL/d2/15GL2_4.MP3″ station_name=”KCBS Radio” station_logo=”http://cbssanfran.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/kcbs_ln.png”]

The FAA is expected to issue rules for the commercial use of drones in 2015, including whether movie and television filming companies can shoot aerial photography.

In the meantime, Ziering wants to seize the moment to demonstrate that autonomous robotic couriers are…

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Laws for drones

Drone research is picking up, and the popularity of this new tech is spiking. Hopefully the FAA can develop some good guidelines that are beneficial for the industry, while keeping it safe.

Steven Lyle Jordan @Rightbrane

Jeff DuchameCollege of the North Atlantic made news recently when journalism instructor Jeff Ducharme developed a drone journalism code of conduct that his students will have to follow when using the unmanned aerial vehicle for news gathering.

This is a significant step towards standardizing drone use in public and private spaces, a very contentious issue for our future.

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The FAA’s misguided approach to drones, and how to fix it

A great read about another perspective on drone usage!


Consumer drones offer game-changing technology for a range of activities: everything from farming to photography to search-and-rescue can be done better with the help of camera-equipped, lightweight flying devices.

The U.S. government, however, is no fan of unmanned flight. In recent months, the Federal Aviation Administration has been using old regulations to crack down on a new breed of flying devices, even grounding them in situations where they could prove most useful.

This is the wrong approach. Instead of trying to impose the rules of planes and pilots onto this new world of unmanned aircraft, the government should try to strike a balance between safety and innovation. One way to do it would be to create a simple permit system like the one we use for cars.

The FAA downs the drones

To get an idea of the FAA’s current view on drones, consider the case of Texas EquuSearch, a nonprofit that runs search-and-rescue missions that have located hundreds of missing people (or, in some cases, their bodies). As part of its work, the organization…

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Our Perspective on Drone Usage.

Today I met with the head videographer of Washington State University Communications. WSU Comm is the department that churns out most of the digital media used on WSU websites. The point of the meeting was to share a bit of background information about my company, and to discuss the idea of contract work once I establish the company a little bit more. When we started talking, apart from being enthused about the new drone industry and the possibilities for my company, we also discussed the more conflicted side of the drone industry at the moment.

Drones are still a very new thing to the public eye, and thanks to the media’s portrayal of drones being used primarily by the military to strike and spy on our enemies, there are lot of bystanders out there that are concerned with their privacy. They think that drones are going to be used for spying and peering into your neighbors houses.

To add to the misconception, a lot of people haven’t seen the positive things that have already come out of unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones have seen action with fire departments in California, finding them useful for getting in close to a fire to more successfully prepare their fire fighting tactics. They have also been used to deliver support packages to victims of natural disasters, and they have been used for agriculture in other countries for decades already.

Some skeptics could agree that a creepy man with a camera with a strong telephoto lens could do just as much spying as a drone could, and even in a more stealthy manner, because these drones are not quiet… So in terms of privacy, I think that the naysayers are really just having a hard time adapting to this piece of change, when in reality, it’s no more invasive than current spying techniques.

The next area of worry is in liability. These drones have spinning props that are powerful enough to break skin on contact, and in some cases more damage can occur. However, no big accidents have occurred yet, making the spotlight for first one a bit bigger. For an example of a tragic drone accident, let’s use a music festival. There are thousands of people in one condensed area, and if a drone was taking video from above and somehow crashed into that crowd, there could be several injuries. That indeed would be very bad, and a terrible nightmare of that drone owner. However, as a smart drone owner should do, you would never fly the thing around people unless you were 100% confident in your flying abilities and the state of the drone itself. Also, what some people don’t realize is that the bigger the drone, the safer it can be. With more props, a drone can stabilize itself even if one, two, or even three props are broken, at least to the point where you could initiate an emergency landing. Also, with more sophisticated drones, failsafe modes are much more prevalent, and there are already more pre-flight precautions that the pilots take. Automated flight is another aspect that is being worked on, so much to the point where you may one day soon be able to plot out points on a satellite map image and your drone would autonomously take off, fly to those points, and then return safely to the designated landing point. Furthermore, The computers aboard these drones are smart enough to tell whether the drone needs to be landed, and with the use of GPS some drones can sense the need to land, then fly back to it’s original take off point, and safely land itself.

There is so much science involved with these that you could go on for days describing what each component does and how it does it. However, that isn’t the point of this blog post. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the drone industry where it currently stands and address both sides of the battle right now.

In my hopes, I really want drones to be able to be used for commercial use, and I believe that the drone market has a lot of promising products that can ensure the public’s safety. In the area of privacy, if you think you are being spied on by a drone, you can always call 911 as any other instance where you think you may be in danger…or wait about 10 minutes and follow the drone back to it’s owner, because that’s about all the time these batteries last.

The FAA is currently at work to clear up the grey area in the drone industry, as there are really no governing laws other than what already exists for hobbyists. I will be staying up to date with the headway they make, and keep you all updated.

I am advocating the use of drones for professional media services, to enhance the world that we live in by offering a unique perspective. I am not advocating the use of drones for surveillance whatsoever, and would be devastated to have that be the reputation of drones as they come into the mainstream. Until these drone laws are created, my company is going to do everything we can to stay on the right side of the law, but at the same time, produce the products that we have been dreaming of. Let me know what you think about the issue! Thanks.



Our company is Perspective Media LLC and we are a digital media company that specializes in Aerial photography and videography.

This blog is to share our most recent projects, which range from real estate house tour videos, to car photos, to event videos, and more!

Here at Perspective Media, we strive to bring our clients the best in digital media services. Taking advantage of brand new technologies, we are using some of the best new wave techniques to create original works that will help our clients achieve their creative goals. Offering a wide range of services, Perspective Media LLC is committed to giving our best work to our clients.

Aerial Media:
A new wave of technology has given us the ability to take photography and videography to the next level. With our fleet of drones, we will be able to get new perspectives on subjects that no other company can provide.

Contact us for business inquiries or visit our website to learn more about us. http://perspectivemediallc.com

My name is David Heyduck and I am the company founder and president, as a recent college graduate, I wanted to immediately utilize the skills that I had been learning throughout college, so I chose the best way to do that by creating this company which I hope to bring into the spotlight. With a background in Graphic Design, I was able to brand my company from top to bottom, while also coding the website and creating all of our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now with this blog, I hope to increase our reach to build up a strong audience that will appreciate our work as a company. Although we are a small start-up company, I strongly believe that our products will have a big impact, not only on our clients that we provide services for, but for the drone industry as well.

I look forward to running this blog to keep our audience well informed of what’s going on within Perspective Media LLC.

Thank you for your support!




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